Our Policies and Procedures

Please view our Policies and Procedures for information about the most common questions concerns and responsibilities for your pets at Waterdogs K9 Centre.

Please download and review the documents below. It is your responsibility to meet the conditions required. All conditions are designed to maximize the health and safety of your loved pets at our facility


Can I just walk in with my dog ? Or do I need an appointment?

We ask that each client make contact with us here to confirm that there is space available. You can reach us through the contact section of our webpage. Please ensure you have received confirmation BEFORE showing up. We do this to ensure a good staff to dog ratio enabling us to provide the safest, best managed facility for you and your dog.

If you walk in without confirmation of availability, you MAY be turned away at the door.

Do you offer overnight services?

We do offer overnights to our training clients at our 5 acre facility. If your dog has completed one of our training programs or is a regular existing client, we offer overnight care as a "maintenance" program while you are gone. We will maintain daily training, field trips and proper manners, use of tools, and feeding methods to keep your dog on the right track while you are away. Don't let all your hard work get undone in your absence. This program is not available to everyone and space is limited.


How do I enroll my dog?

All potential new clients will be emailed our basic intake forms. We want to get as much info as possible to ensure that we are a great fit for you and you for us. Once we've received your completed forms, our head trainer will contact you within 24 hours to discuss appointment times for a full day assessment. All dogs must pass an assessment prior to being allowed to join our program and show proof of vaccination including bordetella or a valid titer test.

I have an aggressive/reactive dog can you help?

Yes. We specialize in helping aggressive and reactive dogs. We work very closely with owners so that everything makes sense to them AND the dog. We will always give you an honest opinion of the best solution to move forward

I want my dog to swim, what is involved?

We require proof of vaccination for ANY dog to enter our facility for any service we offer. If your dog is enrolled in our Elite K9 care program swims are included in their day. If you just want to bring your dog for a swim, your time must be pre booked and prepaid. We ask that owners remain on site while your dog is swimming. Each dog is fitted with a life jacket and is in the pool with a staff member at all times. Owners are permitted to view the swim via monitor. Please read through our pool policies for all details.

My dog is sick, can he still attend?

ALL dogs must be in good health to enter the facility. If ANY signs or symptoms of illness (i.e.: runny nose or eyes, upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, fever, sneezing, coughing, fleas, ticks, eye/ear/skin infections, open wounds or if you dog is on any medications or has been to the vet for ANY reason in the last 72 hours you will be told to remove your dog immediately.

What are the hours at Waterdogs K9 Center?

We are open Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 7pm Monday to Friday. We offer after hours boarding, and shuttle service

All of our training, grooming, swimming, massage, shuttle appointments must be scheduled.

Will my dog be fed?

Owner is required to supply food.


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