About Us

We encourage each and every dog owner to learn, grow and build the best possible relationship with their dog. With a team of skilled , knowledgeable, professional staff, we will help guide our clients through any and all aspects of dog ownership. We want you to feel successful, happy and confident as a dog owner and in life.

No owner should ever feel discouraged, stressed, embarrassed, or frustrated... when you become part of our family YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are always here for our clients.

Whether you have a new puppy, a rescue, or an old dog, our staff has the knowledge to help you.

Our Head Trainer Janet has over 20 years experience with obedience, behavior modification, puppy raising, service dogs, working dog and sport dog training. She has traveled North America training, learning and constantly improving on her skills and knowledge.Janet personally works one on one with dogs and owners to provide complete support and explanation of every process involved in getting the best dog possible.

Our Hydrotherapist Kelly received her certification in the United Kingdom. She also holds certifications that include massage therapy, reiki and fitpaws master trainer. If you are looking for help with physical rehabilitation, geriatric care or advanced conditioning for the canine athlete or working dog, Kelly is able to work closely with your and your dogs health care team to get things back on track safely and effectively

Our groomer Chieri has been internationally trained and has over 20 years experience in all breed grooming. Her attention to detail, patience and skill leave every dog looking and feeling amazing. She spends as much time as needed to ensure your dog has a stress free groom.

Our Facility

Waterdogs K9 Center is a 3600 sq ft air conditioned and heated facility, with a 14 x 20 INDOOR DOG POOL conveniently located off Hwy 400. We are open 5 days a week and offer a variety of services to suit all dog owners needs. We offer indoor and outdoor play areas to suit dogs of all sizes and ages. All areas are covered with high density rubber floors to protect your dog at rest or at play. This flooring ensures the safety of your dogs bones and joints, high traction and high standard of cleanliness at all times. Dogs are able to run and play in our air conditioned structured social zone or relax and lay back in the outdoor area. At Waterdogs, we love all dogs and will take pride in making sure every dog is cared for on an individual basis. Waterdogs K9 Center is conveniently located at 44 George St in Barrie. Just 2 minutes off the 400 (exit at Dunlop) take a right on Anne St and the first right on George St. Just past Beer store.

Our Promise

We promise that when you come to Waterdogs K9 Center both you and your dog feel like family. We work hard to make your dog better a better dog and to make your life easier through training, and consistency, and we expect the same from you. We want you to always feel good about leaving your dog in our clean safe facility. We are always here to help.

Our Vision

To promote , educate and empower owners to have happy lives & happy dogs. To always be able to pay it forward by helping in our community and serving the dog owners in Barrie for many long years.

We guarantee that every dog becomes a well rounded, balanced member of society when the work gets done...

Our Tools and Methods

At Waterdogs, we use a variety of tools for training which include prong collar, and e-collars. We believe that any tool when used correctly by a trained person is invaluable. Our methods of training are balanced, meaning we correct and disagree with the negative behaviours and praise and agree with the good behaviours. If you are considering training with our head trainer/owner Janet, we ask that you are comfortable with all tools that we use. We are here to help with any questions you may have regarding our techniques. We have had huge success with our methods. And we want to empower every dog owner out there to join us with your own success story.

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